My name is Leah Namisa Rosenbloom and my pronouns are they/them.

I am currently a PhD Candidate at Brown University studying the intersection of cryptography and grassroots organizing, privacy and security for marginalized communities, abolitionist teaching, and zero-knowledge proof systems. My advisors are Anna Lysyanskaya and Seny Kamara.

Other professional interests include computer science education, the surveillance of social movements, anonymous networks, election security, password security, and the intersection of technology and the criminal justice system.

Previously I was a math teacher of amazing high school students at The Workshop School, and a technology intern with the Speech, Privacy, and Technology project at the ACLU.

I graudated from the TUteach Program at Temple University with a BS in Math and Computer Science with Teaching, and have an MS from Brown in Computer Science.

I am also a manga artist and arcade game enthusiast.

Recent Highlights

  • Zooey Zephyr's Story: Decorum as a Tool of Oppression [blog post]

  • Cryptography for Grassroots Organizing, RWC 2023 [slides] [talk]

  • Abolition Technology Resource Project [home page]

  • Stickers on Webcams, Or: A Cryptographers Origin Story [blog post]

  • Efficient and Universally Composable Non-Interactive Zero-Knowledge Proofs of Knowledge with Security Against Adaptive Corruptions [preprint]


  • Email: leah underscore rosenbloom at brown dot edu

  • Signal: by request

  • Keybase: namisa

  • Twitter: @namisa300

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