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Abolition Science Radio

Abolition Science Vision: Abolition Science is an abolitionist project that envisions a science and math delinked from racial capitalism, imperialism, and oppression—a science and math that serves all people.

Abolition Technology Resource Project

A growing collection of resources at the intersection of abolition, technology, and education.

Books Through Bars

Cool Papers (Placeholder)

Cryptography (Placeholder)

Election Security (Placeholder)

History (Placeholder)

Mutual Aid Hub

Notes (Placeholder)

STEM Education (Placeholder)

Technology for Grassroots Organizing Resource Project (Placeholder)

A placeholder for a collection of digital technologies for grassroots organizing. In the meantime, check out the EFF's Surveillance Self-Defense Guides and some preliminary resources from my Cryptography for Grassroots Organizing talk.

Thinkers and Artists (Placeholder)